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About Us

The Classic Diamonds Company was founded by a small group of diamond and jewellery professionals. For years, we have worked in some of the largest and most prestigious diamond cutting houses, diamond jewellery wholesalers and exclusive private jewellers in the world. We bring this experience and depth of knowledge to every piece of jewellery that we make, so that you can have the very best without the inflated price tag!

Our goal is to bring our customers the same world class jewellery but without the added cost of branding campaigns, sales staff and a showroom filled with expensive "show pieces" that sit in the window. At The Classic Diamonds Company we focus on creating jewellery that you want, while providing our service and expertise at fair value so that you can enjoy more of it.

A satisfied customer wearing a beautiful piece of jewellery (and a smile) is the best advert that we can have. This is why providing top quality and personal customer service will always be our our priority.

About Our Jewellery

Although our workshops can create any piece of jewellery that you can dream of, we specialise in making top quality classic jewellery items such as stud earrings, tennis bracelets and necklaces: the kind of jewellery you wear every day.

The jewellery and diamond trades require great precision. A fraction of a millimetre is often the difference between an average and a truly spectacular piece of jewellery. The size of a diamond, a flashy design or a brand name is not what makes a piece of jewellery spectacular, but rather it is the attention to detail that matters most. Regardless of the size of the piece, or your budget, we give the same time, care and attention to detail to every piece of jewellery that we create, to achieve the perfect result.

Because we want you to wear our jewellery, we will always place a high priority on making jewellery that is wearable, comfortable and practical. There is no point wearing a pendant that is facing the wrong way half the time (we see this a lot). Such small details are often overlooked in mass produced jewellery and by inexperienced or rushed workshops.


Why choose The Classic Diamonds Company?

The Classic Diamonds Company - Handmade Diamond Jewellery | Hatton Gardens, UK
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