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Hoop & Drop Earrings

Made to Order

Our diamond 'hoop & drop' earrings bring together elements of two classic designs to create these stunning, modern everyday earrings.


Made with a single drop diamond in a four claw setting, attached to a 1cm hoop with diamonds set on the front side facing fowards. The drop diamond is securely attached at the bottom of the hoop allowing it to dangle freely. This design ensures that the diamonds are always facing fowards, catching the light. We have perfected this design for everyday comfort and maximum visual impact!

We only use the highest quality diamonds in our jewellery. Each diamond is meticulously inspected and selected for the perfect cut, sparkle and scintillation by our trained diamantaires. The pair of drop diamonds in these earrings are expertly matched to complement eachother and make a harmonious pair. Colour, clarity, measurement and facet alignment must match before a final visual inspection assures a beautiful, balanced appearance.

Hoop & Drop Earrings

PriceFrom £1,500.00
Metal Type
  • Certified Lab Grown Diamonds
    F Colour / VS2 Clarity (or better)
    18k White, Yellow, Rose Gold or Platinum
    UK Hallmark


    Note: the carat weight, colour and clarity stated are minimum specifications. The final item may have slightly higher, but never lower specifications than those advertised.

How to Measure your Size

Our guide to getting the perfect fit for bracelets and bangles Our average women's bracelet size is between 6.5 and 7.5 inches. We cater to wrists of all sizes and have made bracelets as small as 6 inches and as large as 8 inches. If you're unsure, follow these four easy steps: Step 1: find a piece of string, wire or ribbon. Step 2: wrap it closely around your wrist (not too tight, not too loose) and mark the place where the ends meet. Step 3: measure the length with a ruler to find your wrist size. Step 4: your bracelet size should be half an inch larger than your wrist size to achieve the perfect fit. When worn, you should be able to slide two fingers under the bracelet.

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